The Villa

“Refined tapestries, frescoed ceilings, elegant chandeliers in Murano glass,
panoramic windows and a terrace overlooking the lake: the villa offers truly precious details”


An enchanting and sumptuous neoclassical style villa overlooking Lake Garda, an ideal location for unique and charming events.


Guests are welcomed by an impressive staircase that leads to a large covered terrace, the ideal setting for a welcome aperitif.


Villa Alba boasts a refined, spacious main hall, embellished with neoclassical marble columns able accommodate up to 200 people thanks to an upper loggia.

The setting is made unique by a wide raised stage overlooking the hall and a large glass wall that draws the guests' view out onto the gardens, giving the impression that the hall has no boundaries.

The villa also has ten rooms connected to the main hall and the upper loggia that can accommodate up to 200 people.

The "charm" of the classical settings has been combined with modern furnishing details, creating an exciting contrast, in line with current international design trends.

The lush green spaces of the garden provide the perfect backdrop for staging photo sessions, to serve a welcome cocktail to guests while admiring the Villa's stunning exterior, to organise civil ceremonies or symbolic rituals in an elegant atmosphere.



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